New Year, New you 

Knowing two things, I pondered the start in my classroom from the holiday break. Resolutions don’t last and for some getting back to school is a great moment but that creates anxiety.  I decided we would do a new year, new you project.  What is the one thing you want to tackle in your life right now,  for the year?  Knowing the room or situation I teach in, I thought this might be an undertaking but very worth it.  As it turns out a week later, this has been very eye opening.  Each one chose something they really do need to work on in my eyes too, so that was much better than I had hoped for.  With help, the youngest chose, but all the others chose their own.  It was great to see their pride while they worked on putting their thoughts onto the screen.  We talked about what the goals might look like and how we might meet them.  It was a good opportunity to let them feel empowered and in charge of their learning.  

As an added bonus, my paras also did this and the culture has been more positive as we had some frank communication about they impact and what I can.

New Year, new you was a success.  I am ready to see them accomplish them and proud to know they can.

Author: Mrs. C's Reflections

A mom, wife, cheer coach, and Special Education teacher with a love of all things related to warm weather, summer, travel, and art.

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